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Bold Colors Trend in 2023

Posted on Friday, February 24, 2023

When it comes to home décor, homeowners are stepping away from all-white kitchens, neutral gray walls and pastel-colored rugs to embrace bold, vibrant colors. Read on to discover what’s trending, then speak to your builder representative to see how you can get the look for your new Marvida home.

Yes, It’s Pink

Pink isn’t just for nurseries anymore. Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023 was the surprising Viva Magenta. Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2023 turned out to be Raspberry Blush. Why pink? It’s unexpected and unconventional. It’s also an exuberant color guaranteed to lift your mood. Use it on accent walls, couch cushions and any other place you want a pop of color.

It’s Still Easy Being Green

This year, soft, pastel greens are giving way to bolder shades like jade, emerald and forest. Paint a large room with jewel tones to make it seem cozier. Pair it with wood wainscoting for a natural look. Balance bold greens with white or cream accents for a softer look.

Yellow is a Bold Choice

Reminiscent of sunshine, summer and happy days, yellow shades can uplift the mood in any room. Traditionally confined to kitchens and breakfast nooks, yellow has been migrating to bedrooms and dining areas. Vintage yellow creates an upscale atmosphere while a pastel shade works wonders in a child’s room.

What Goes with Orange?

Orange is trending as an accent color. Paired with soft pinks it adds a shabby chic vibe to any room. If you are a risk taker, try pairing it with soft greens. Remember that orange includes softer colors such as melon that work great on sun porches and in game rooms.

Beautiful Browns

When it comes to brown, we aren’t talking taupe. Warm brown shades are popping up everywhere — walls, carpets and even cabinets. Brown often works well as an undertone. Mix it with purple for a soft, sophisticated look. If you must have taupe use a bolder shade of brown to accent it.

We Didn’t Forget Blue

Blue remains one of the most popular colors for everything, from exterior paint to primary suites. Light shades of blue can be calming, while bolder blues invigorate the soul. Pair it with white for a coastal feel. Use cobalt blue to accent terracotta walls.