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Build In Kitchen Storage Solutions

Posted on Thursday, December 14, 2023

A well-designed and organized kitchen can contribute significantly to the overall functionality and enjoyment of your home. That includes optimal storage solutions. Who can help? Your Marvida builder. Our builders offer numerous storage solutions that are as beautiful as they are functional. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Rethink Cabinets

You will store most of your kitchen gear in cabinets, so it’s time to rethink them. Ask your builder if it is possible to include pull-out shelves, adjustable racks and built-in dividers to maximize storage efficiency.

How Deep Are Your Drawers?

Ask for deep drawers as an alternative to traditional lower cabinets. These are excellent for storing pots, pans and larger items, making it easier to access and organize your cookware.

Pull Out Racks

Maximize vertical space in your pantry or cabinets with pull-out racks or shelves. This provides easy access to dry goods and helps keep the pantry organized. You’ll be able to store more, too.

Built-In Bins

Don’t want guests to see your garbage or recycling bins? Ask about a built-in trash and recycling system to keep waste out of sight. Choose a design that allows for easy disposal and cleaning.

Be Lazy

Hate scrouging in cabinets for the right pot? Ask your builder to install a Lazy Susan in a corner cabinet. Just turn the wheel and that pot will be within easy reach.

Light Up the Dark

Undercabinet lighting brightens kitchen workspaces. They also help you see in the dark when hunting for a midnight snack.

Hidden Charging Stations

Request built-in charging stations for devices. These can be integrated into drawers or cabinets to keep your kitchen organized while providing a convenient charging spot.

Park Your Small Appliances

Appliance garages are all the rage. These are small cabinets designed for small appliances. This keeps the countertops clutter-free and appliances easily accessible.

Wine Storage

If you enjoy wine, discuss options for built-in wine storage. This could include a wine rack, wine fridge or a designated space within cabinetry.

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