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Creating the Ultimate Game Room Play Space

Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2024

If your Marvida home has a game room, you can create a friendly space for children to play, learn and unleash their creativity. Not sure where to start? Here are some exciting game room ideas to help you create the perfect play space for your kids:

Start with a Practical Foundation

Children and fancy flooring do not go together. If your game room will be your children’s primary play space, choose easy-to-clean flooring. Carpeting should be stain-resistant. Hard surface floors should have soft, stain-resistant area rugs to create comfortable seating areas. Consider colorful options to add vibrancy to the room.

Let Them Play with the Walls

You can turn walls into educational and creative play surfaces. Paint a wall with chalkboard paint for drawing and games. Create a magnetic wall for educational activities and artwork display. For very active children, look into installing a small rock wall.

Variations on a Theme

Choose a theme that reflects your child’s interests. Use wall decals or murals to create an immersive environment. Incorporate themed furniture and accessories. Consider changeable elements to update the theme as interests evolve.

Don’t Forget About Storage

Use colorful bins and baskets for easy toy storage. Buy play tables with built-in storage. Talk to your builder about the possibility of adding a storage closet. If a closet can’t be installed, look into wardrobes.

Nooks for Books

Set up a corner with bean bag chairs, cushions or a small sofa where kids can sit comfortably with a good book. Very young children may enjoy a more private space screened off by a teepee or canopy. Install floating shelves for easy access to books. Add soft lighting for a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Where the Games Are

Create a space for video and board games. Install a flat-screen television. Add comfortable chairs, small tables for snacks and beverages and a storage area for games and controllers. A leader board can be a fun way to keep the competition going.

Lets’ Get Creative

Set up a dedicated arts and crafts area for whenever your child is feeling creative. Use a low table with storage for art supplies. Install a paper roll holder for endless drawing possibilities. Set up an easel for painting. Small, labeled bins can be set up nearby containing crafting supplies.

Let’s Get Physical

Encourage physical activity for days when inclement weather keeps kids indoors. Install a mini basketball hoop or indoor swing. Create an obstacle course with foam shapes and tunnels. Set up a small trampoline or balance beam. Set up a small dance area with curtains for a stage and good speakers for their favorite tunes. Jump ropes, foam balls and other toys encourage activity without risking walls or furniture.

Costumes, Anyone?

Who doesn’t love playing dress-up? Set up a costume rack and mirror, then provide different outfits. Provide props in the form of play kitchens, grills, stores and more for role-playing.

What About School?

Include a quiet area for studying. Set up a desk or have one built-in when your home is being built. Provide comfortable seating and storage for school supplies. Install a bulletin board for schedules and reminders.

Check Out Our Model Homes for More Inspiration

Love these ideas? We’ve got many more and you can see some of them when you check out our model homes. While there, why not talk to our builders’ representatives? They can help you pick out the perfect home with the perfect game room. Visit Marvida today.