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Pick the Perfect Upgrades

Posted on Tuesday, December 27, 2022

What upgrades should you add to your new Marvida home? That depends on your family’s lifestyle. What’s best for you might not be worthwhile to someone else. However, there are a few upgrades everyone agrees are worth spending a little extra cash on. These will improve your life and add value to your home for years to come.

The Heart of Your Home

The most used common area of your home is the kitchen. It is the heart of the home and deserving of your upgrade dollars. Opt for alternate kitchens with islands and built-in appliances. Upgrading your cabinets ensures they last longer. Taller cabinets that reach to the ceiling give you more storage space and a finished look. Under cabinet lighting is always useful. If your home doesn’t have a walk-in pantry, see if you can add one. If possible, skylights will add more natural light.

What’s Beneath Your Feet

When it comes to what’s beneath your feet, the standard answer is tile in kitchens and baths, and carpet in bedrooms and family rooms. If you have it in the budget, hardwood floors are worth the investment. Wood floors are prized for their look. Laminate floors that look like wood are less expensive. They also reduce allergens and are easy to clean. If you are planning to sell, wood floors will increase the value of your home.

Upgrade the Primary Bath

If you plan to turn your bath into an oasis for relaxation, standard options won’t do. Many builders are making tubs optional, so if you love a good soak, make sure you have one. Tubs are difficult to tear out so if you want a jacuzzi tub, invest in one from the start. If you don’t need a tub, see if you can extend your shower for spa-like luxury. Radiant floor heating is a must-have for chilly mornings.

Home Automation is a Plus

For comfort and convenience, nothing beats a smart home. Many Marvida builders offer home automation packages that include smart thermostats, door locks, lights and garage door openers. These packages can usually be upgraded. You can and should add more smart lights and outlets, smart shades, sprinkler systems and home security.

Electricity Now

It’s easier to add outlets or do any other electrical work while your home is being built. Add outlets to the patio for your television or to plug in speakers. Outlets that exist directly behind your wall-mounted television hide unsightly cords. USB outlets cut out the need for charging stations. If you have an electric vehicle, see about adding a charger to the garage.

Patio Upgrades You’ll Love

Go beyond the extended patio. Add an outdoor kitchen if you plan to host a lot of al fresco gatherings. An outdoor fireplace can make outdoor living a little cozier. Some builders can add fire pits, pergolas, second patios and decking if you prefer. Check to see if you can have a brick floor instead of concrete or tile everything over.

Build It In

Built-in cabinets and shelves solve storage solutions and look great. Add cabinets to your media room to hide game consoles and speakers. Cabinets are also great for game rooms and garages. Built-in shelves give your study a professional look.

Don’t Forget the Garage

Take advantage of opportunities to extend the garage. Some builders will let you add a garage bay so when junior gets his license, he has a place to park the car. Others offer extensions that can be used for additional storage, workshops and hobby areas.