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Transform Your Home with Houseplants

Posted on Sunday, June 26, 2022

Houseplants are a simple, yet effective, way to breathe new life into your home’s décor. They add color, texture and focus to any room. As a bonus, plants provide health benefits in the form of increased oxygen and stress relief. You don’t even need a green thumb. If you are ready to bring the outdoors inside your new Marvida home, here are a few botanical tips.

Remember, It’s Alive

Plants are living things. They require more upkeep than a throw pillow. Evaluate your lifestyle. Make sure you have time to water and fertilize your plants. Evaluate your space for sunlight, temperature and functionality. You want your plants to thrive.

Start Small and Easy

If you’ve never owned a houseplant, it’s best to start small. Purchase a few low-maintenance plants and build from there. Check with experts at your local gardening center who can help you choose the right plants. Favorites with beginners include ZZ plant, snake plant, spider plants, pothos, any succulent and bamboo.

A Plant for Every Room

Match your plants with your room. Bathrooms tend to be humid so fill them with ferns or orchids. Some plants prefer the shade. If you have a dark corner in your game room, brighten it up with dark-leaved plants such as calatheas or nerve plants. If you don’t use your study very often but want a little green, fill the shelves with cactus plants.

Create Contrast

A plant by itself looks lonely and sad. A group of plants looks lush and inviting. Place plants of varying heights and leaf shapes around seating areas to encourage guests to sit and relax. Group the plants in odd numbers as studies have shown people find that more pleasing than even numbers.

Go Big in Your Home

Plants make great focal points. If you have a corner that needs a little extra something, consider an ornamental tree. As an alternative, place a medium-sized plant placed on a plant stand.

What About Windowsills?

If you are lucky enough to have box windows (check with your Marvida builder to see if you can add one), you have the perfect frame for medium plants. Sun-loving, tall plants contrast nicely with the outside view. Keep in mind that the temperature around windows fluctuate more than the rest of your home. Remove plants during cold snaps and heat waves.

Pretty Pots

The containers you use to display your plants should fit with your decorating style. They should also be functional, allowing you to care for your plants properly. Terracotta offers the best drainage, but if you aren’t into the rustic look, you can find more modern pots and stands at gardening centers.

Add a Dash of Color

Dot your spaces with flowering plants to add a dash of color to your burgeoning jungle. Favorites include African violets, bromeliads, kalanchoe, and begonia.

Go Vertical

Small spaces shine with the addition of hanging plants. Plants can be hung from the ceiling in macrame holders. You can also craft a living wall utilizing various materials that allow you to hang plants on a vertical surface.

Fill In Shelves

Even the most devoted bibliophile has to admit, the monotony of rows and rows of books could use a little breaking up. Use plants to partition books or simply to fill shelves. They provide contrast and color.