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Create a Kid-friendly Backyard

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

From selecting water features to choosing patio furniture, there’s plenty of advice out there for engineering the perfect backyard. Unfortunately, not all these tips are child-friendly. So, in honor of the opening of our new family-friendly playground the Island Amenity Village anchored by a lazy river, we thought we’d share our tips on creating a fabulous kid-friendly backyard.

Safety First

Ensure that your backyard is safe by removing any hazards such as sharp objects, poisonous plants or tripping hazards. Double-check any play equipment you plan to install to make sure it is safe. If you have a pool, install a fence around it.

Involve Your Kids

Remember to involve your kids in the process of designing and creating their backyard space. By incorporating their interests and preferences, you can ensure that they’ll have a backyard they love spending time in.

Perfect Play Structures

Invest in age-appropriate play structures such as a swing set, jungle gym or playhouse. Make sure these structures are sturdy, well-maintained and installed on a soft surface like mulch or rubber tiles to cushion falls.

Sensory Play

Set up a sandbox or a water table for sensory play. Kids love digging, building sandcastles and splashing around, which can provide hours of entertainment.

Prepare for Game Day

Create space for outdoor games like hopscotch, bean bag toss or ring toss. You can paint game boards directly onto the ground or set up portable versions that can be easily stored when not in use.

Plant a Vegetable Garden

Involve kids in gardening by creating a small vegetable or herb garden. Let them help plant seeds, water plants and harvest vegetables. It’s a great way to teach them about nature and healthy eating.

Encourage Outdoor Creativity

Set up an outdoor art station with supplies like chalk, paint, clay and paper. Kids can unleash their creativity and make masterpieces while enjoying the fresh air.

Cozy Up to a Book

Create a cozy reading nook with outdoor-friendly bean bags or cushions, along with a selection of children’s books. Encourage kids to spend time reading outdoors surrounded by nature.

Don’t Forget the Toys

Provide a variety of outdoor toys such as balls, jump ropes, hula hoops and Frisbees. These simple toys promote physical activity and imaginative play.

Kid-Friendly Eating Area

Set up a picnic table or blanket where kids can enjoy outdoor meals, snacks or picnics with family and friends. Make it inviting with colorful cushions, blankets and outdoor-friendly dinnerware.

Invite Wildlife

Create opportunities for kids to observe wildlife by hanging bird feeders or setting up a butterfly garden. Encourage them to identify different birds, insects and plants by hanging charts or putting books about them in the reading nook.