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Five Fun Ideas for Mommy and Me Playdates

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2023

Mommy and Me group playdates are a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to create lasting memories. You can host a gathering at your home, a local park, pizza parlor or just about anywhere (Marvida residents are partial to our new Island Amenity Village). Once you’ve picked the place, it’s time to pick some activities. Stumped? Here are five creative ideas everyone will love.

Art and Craft Extravaganza

Kids love to paint, color, draw and sculpt, so why not set up an art station in your backyard? Invite parents to provide art supplies to share. Make sure you have plenty of paper. Choose a theme such as favorite animals or superheroes. Then turn the kids loose. Parents can help or just watch and share parenting tips.

Pool Party

Grab some floaties and meet up at the pool. The Island has a pool, lazy river, splash pad and water playground — perfect for tots and their parents. Pack snacks or a picnic lunch. If pool toys are allowed, be sure to bring some. For extra fun, bring bucket hats or sun visors kids can decorate.

Yoga and Mindfulness Session

Even tiny tots will enjoy a yoga session (child’s pose will probably be a favorite). Arrange to meet at your community’s event lawn if you have one or a quiet park. Find a shady, quiet area. Arrange to have an instructor available or just follow along with a child-friendly YouTube video. Make it playful and accessible for all ages.

Cooking and Baking Party

Your new Marvida home probably has a gorgeous kitchen. Why not invite your group over to play in it? Choose a child-friendly recipe like homemade pizzas, cookies or fruit kabobs. Allow the kids to participate in age-appropriate tasks like rolling dough, decorating cookies or assembling their pizzas. While the treats bake, moms can have quality bonding time and enjoy the delicious results.

Outdoor Picnic and Nature Scavenger Hunt

Choose a park or nature reserve for your playdate location. Invite moms to bring a picnic lunch to share. With help, even toddlers can engage with a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items like leaves, rocks and pinecones for them to find. Provide small baskets for collecting treasures. Parents can walk along with the kids pointing out items or just letting the kids fill their baskets with anything they fall in love with.

Visit Marvida and The Island Today

Marvida is a great place for families to live and play. You are sure to meet plenty of parents with young children. Visit us today to tour our model homes and The Island Amenity Village. Then start planning your Mommy and Me playdates!