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Your Fall Garden Checklist

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

A new homeowner’s gardening work is never done. While each season brings its own set of gardening tasks, fall is a critical time for preparing your garden for winter and ensuring a vibrant spring. Here’s a checklist to help you get started:

Say Goodbye to Summer

Remove dead plants, fallen leaves and any other debris that may have accumulated during the summer months. This not only tidies up your garden but also prevents potential pest and disease issues.

Time to Trim

Don’t leave inspecting your trees and shrubs until after the first big storm. Look for dead or diseased branches. Prune trees and shrubs back to encourage healthy growth in the spring. Trim back any overgrown hedges and bushes to maintain a neat appearance.

Get Out Those Bulbs

Want to wake up to beautiful spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips and crocuses? Plant bulbs now. September or October is the best time to plant.

If You Love Perennials

Perennials have a long growing season, but even they need to rest in the winter. If your flower bed is overcrowded, now is the time to consider dividing perennials. This not only rejuvenates the plants but also gives you the opportunity to expand your garden or share with friends and neighbors.

Let’s Talk Mulch

Mulch helps regulate soil temperature, conserves moisture and reduces weed growth. apply a layer to plant beds to protect bulbs, seeds and winter plants.

Lawn Lessons

Give your lawn some attention by aerating, fertilizing and overseeding. Fall is the optimal time for grass seed to establish itself, resulting in a lush lawn come spring.

Stow Your Tools

You won’t need your gardening tools much in the winter, but that doesn’t mean forgetting about them. Clean and properly store them. This includes sharpening blades, oiling metal parts to prevent rust and storing tools in a dry, sheltered area.

Plan for Spring

Use the fall season as an opportunity to plan for your spring garden. Research new plants, create a garden layout, and make a list of any supplies or tools you’ll need.